NEW Cover Options for Designing your Next Notebook!

Two new colors and updated kraft covers join the Scout Books lineup!
  • Notebook Cover Gray Black Kraft - Scout Books
  • Notebook Cover Gray Black Kraft - Scout Books
  • Notebook Cover Gray Black Kraft - Scout Books

We are excited to announce that gray and black covers are joining our iconic kraft cover for custom Scout Books! Many of you have been asking for more color options for designing your Scout Book covers and we’ve got to say, these new colors look great and print beautifully. Just like our kraft covers, the gray and black covers are made with 100% recycled papers in the USA. We still make each and every Scout Book in our shop in the heart of Portland, Oregon. If you’d like to create a notebook or book project with one of these new cover options, just email us at [email protected] to place an order. We’ll be adding these options to our website in the future, but for now—just give us a shout. Plus, there is no additional cost to print with our new covers!

Notebook Cover Kraft and Grey - Scout Books

Gray Cover

If you want your ink colors to really pop, the gray cover will work wonders for your design. All our standard inks look clear and bright on this light color. Just keep in mind that designing with white ink is still a little tricky, as it’s quite subtle on the gray cover. We recommend using white ink with one or more additional colors—the white will look especially bright and awesome when surrounded by a flood of a secondary color, or it can add some glow as a drop shadow. Another one of our favorite things about the gray cover is that if you look closely you will see little speckles of bright color that come about when creating the paper from recycled materials. We love the texture and think this adds a lot of fun!


Notebook Cover Kraft and Grey - Scout Books

Black Cover

Things get interesting here! Our new black cover looks really sharp with foil and metallic inks. We highly recommend those options for a dazzling impact. If you want a sleek black on black look, that’s also a subtle but cool design choice. See examples of black, silver, and gold ink below. We’ll be sharing more examples of black covers as we experiment with foil! Please note that we don’t recommend printing with our other standard inks on black, and you should steer clear of designing with heavy ink coverage, as large expanses of offset metallic ink can scuff. With the right design, the black chipboard can really shine. Just get in touch if you have any ideas for the black cover that you’d like run by us, we’re happy to make recommendations to bring your design to life!


Black Notebook Cover - Scout Books

Kraft Cover

Just like our classic kraft cover, only better! Durability and a classic aesthetic have always defined our Kraft cover Scout Books. With our updated Kraft cover option you’ll get the same quality plus even more amazing printing! The light texture and consistent color are just what we want in all of our Scout Books and this cover option fits the bill.


New Colors New Covers

We can’t wait to see what you design with our new cover options! Have questions? We’ve got answers! The best way to get in touch is by emailing us at [email protected]. We’re also happy to mail an updated ink guide your way, just drop us a line!

Thanks to Zach Yarrington for the beautiful lettering on our You Belong Here notebooks!

Originally published on July 12, 2017