Yellow, Our First Seasonal Ink Color

Fall Promo
  • Swift Agency Books - Scout Books

Introducing our Fall Ink Color

It’s officially fall, and we’re trying out something completely new – adding yellow as a limited time seasonal ink! Normally this would be considered a custom ink, but right now you can get our yellow ink on your custom books at no additional charge.

Seasonal Ink Color - Scout Books
We’ve gathered a few examples of projects that have used this color to great effect, including our limited edition Make it Better notebook. The awesome artwork on this was designed by our pal Mark Caneso. We used it to announce our B Corp Certification, and just had a mural of it painted one of the walls in our shop!

Below is the Swiftology book from Swift, a Portland-based creative agency. On the inside cover they share their core values, represented on the front and back covers in geometric color shapes. We are really excited about this project, it spurred us to update our own core values and post a case study about it!


Download this PDF and place it into your design template. Use the color swatch Scout Books YELLOW in your artwork.

A few design tips…

  1. Lighter ink colors, like yellow, will darken when printed, especially on our kraft cover.
  2. Surrounding yellow with a darker color will help make the color standout. See how Jordan Sondler did it for our Big Ideas notebook.
  3. Make yellow stand out even more with our lighter gray cover.
  4. Avoid using yellow with small type or critical information.
  5. Design with big areas, or use yellow to add extra highlights.