Our Favorite Summer Books

This month's picks from the people who make Scout Books

The staff at Scout Books picked some of their favorite books from this summer that beautifully designed, powerful in content, or just plain fun! Check out the specs of each book and get inspired to make your own!

August Staff Picks - Slant'd Design - Scout Books

Slant’d Media

“Sometimes less IS more, and this design says everything with just a few well-chosen objects.”

– Dot Dodd, Graphic Designer

Cover Gray
Ink(s) Red
Page Style Blank
Staples Red
Quantity 250
August Staff Picks - Dirty Coast - Scout Books

Dirty Coast

“I have an affinity for exploded views (don’t tell pizza, but I LOVE sandwiches!) I love how small yet clear all the details are on this book. Also, food!”

– Olive La Roche, Bindery Operator

Cover Gray
Ink(s) Custom Blue
Page Style Lined
Staples Silver
Quantity 500
August Staff Picks - MG2 Design - Scout Books

MG2 Thoughts/Scribbles

“This pair of notebooks from Seattle architecture and design agency MG2 is a great example of how you can create fun and engaging designs with just one ink color. I love how they used both positive and negative space, and the red staples are the cherry on top!”

– Chloë Miller, Engagement and Partnerships Coordinator

Cover Gray
Ink(s) Red
Page Style Lined/Dot Grid
Staples Red
Quantity 200
August Staff Picks - Leif Lee - Scout Books

Leif Lee

“Leif is an amazing local artist, and I love seeing how focused they are on their process.”

– Dana Paresa, Bindery Operator

Cover Kraft
Ink(s) Black
Page Style Lined
Staples Silver
Quantity 50