Mega Scout Books

A bigger option for your big ideas
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  • Messenger Coffee Mega Scout Books
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For lots of projects, our 3.5 x 5 inch Pocket Scout Book is a great fit, but some ideas could use more real estate (like these examples!). We offer larger 5 x 7 inch Mega Scout Books as an option for both custom and DIY orders. Just like the pocket-sized version, these bigger books contain 32 pages and are made with 100% recycled paper – text-weight white pages and a durable chipboard cover. The minimum order is 250 pieces, and orders up to 5000 pieces qualify for free domestic shipping.

To design a custom Mega, use our handy design templates. Questions about file set-up or creating your design? Check out our support center, or drop us a line at

Slideshow photos: DIY Scout Books, Aten Design Group, Working Not Working, Public Library Association, Hello Happiness Co., Messenger Coffee, Teach for America