Drink & Draw with the Peralta Project

Case Study
  • Peralta Project Drink and Draw with Scout Books
  • Peralta Project Drink and Draw with Scout Books
  • Peralta Project Drink and Draw with Scout Books

The Peralta Project & Sound of Art recently collaborated with Scout Books to create this awesome customized notebook for a guided Drink & Draw event. The Peralta Project is a fashion and apparel brand that is known for its signature New York City grit and hip hop inspired designs. We love Drink & Draws, so we were especially excited to see what designer, illustrator, and owner of the Peralta Project  M.Tony Peralta created to walk attendees through the event. Take a look through the custom pages that he designed for the attendees, and get some inspiration your own event!

M.Tony wanted to use the Drink & Draw event to build a new form of socializing in his neighborhood for “artists and those who want to tune into their creativity.” “Those who connect with The Peralta Project are bold, opinionated, intelligent, fearless, humorous, defiant trendsetters who run the world at their own pace, trusting their vision every step of the way.” That’s how M.Tony Peralta describes his group on the Peralta Project website, and it really does seem to be the best way to portray the brand and its followers.

“It was my first time designing a Scout Book and I was looking forward to being able to customize it. I appreciate that Scout Books has that option.”

We loved the way The Peralta Project was able to incorporate their custom Scout Book with their event in such a creative way. You can find more about the Peralta Project here, and see M. Tony Peralta’s website here.

Want to make a custom Mega Scout Book like this one? Get started! We’re always here to help if you have any questions. Cheers!