Case Study
  • Plazm custom Scout Books
  • Plazm custom Scout Books

We were thrilled when Josh and Niko of Portland design firm Plazm suggested we work on a collaborative notebook. We normally print using spot colors, and it was a fun challenge switching gears and using 4-color process printing on this design. The notebook’s cover is not only designed in CMYK, but also honors the print process with the inky drips, color bars and registration marks.

Josh and Niko generously answered a few of our questions:

Print is an important part of Plazm’s story. What’s unique about designing for paper and ink?
Print has been part of Plazm’s DNA since 1991. We believe now, as we did then, in the power of print as a forum for free expression, showcasing both design and the written word. Print creates a legacy that no other media format can. Printing, the craft itself, has a legacy dating back to Gutenberg, and a tactile, transportable, unplugged quality that connects directly with the maker. Our design is a slightly irreverent homage to that heritage, with hopes that it inspires people.

Describe a dream project for Plazm.
We believe in the power of design and love using design to solve problems…elegantly, artfully, honestly. Truth and storytelling are crucial, as is collaboration. The chance to positively influence or instigate change with good intention are opportunities we will always look for. Having a realistic budget is a plus!

What’s the plan for the notebooks?
Teaming up with Scout Books on our notebooks has been amazing. We plan to share them with friends and clients, to remind them that Plazm been in Portland since 1991 and we’re still going strong! And we hope to fill some of them ourselves!