Powell’s Oregon-themed notebooks

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  • Powell's Books - Scout Books Notebooks
  • Powell's Books - Scout Books Notebooks
  • Powell's Books - Scout Books Notebooks

Powell’s Books is a staple of Portland’s independent book culture, and one of the top attractions for visitors and locals alike. Powell’s wanted to show off its love for the state of Oregon and the design of its beautiful flag by creating an Oregon flag themed custom Scout Book. Their designers chose a our navy ink and matching blue staples, offset by a custom gold ink.

Powell’s designer Trent DeBord has a special place in his heart for the flag’s design:

Our flag is just the best. There’s a real hand drawn beauty to it – a little sloppy, kind of free form, it’s an all around awesome design. And that font! God I love that font. It’s almost cartoonishly happy, not exactly ‘stately,’ but that’s what our founders settled on and I’m completely down with their decision to add some levity to what might otherwise be perceived as just a high potential for dysentery-themed illustration.

The books pays special homage to what makes Portland such a unique home for both Powell’s and Scout Books – the St. John’s Bridge, the woods and timber industry that creates a home for sustainable bookmaking, the Oregon Trail, and Mount Hood looming in the background. The book is backed playfully with a book reading beaver, illustrated by designer Nate Ashley of Powell’s.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Scout Books. They fit so perfectly with this design. Their size is perfect and they’re so timeless, so official, they look like passports! And hell yeah, blue staples!

These Oregon flag themed Scout Books are available at all Powell’s locations, and on Powells.com.