Purpose x Profit Conference

Case Study

Today we’re talking with Kirsten Ludwig, the founder of In Good Company, and part of team at the Conscious Capitalism LA chapter. Kirsten helped bring these books together as part of the partnership with Scout Books, and we talked with her about the mission of Conscious Capitalism.

Can you tell us about the PxP conference? What were some of the key takeaways?
PXP is about bringing together purpose driven businesses and entrepreneurs in LA. the takeaways were really around how you create a purpose driven business. it can start with one simple step and it can transform your culture, business and you.

What does “conscious business” mean?
A conscious business is really one that goes beyond simply profit. There is a larger purpose behind the reason the business exists and it includes includes people, culture, the environment, etc.

We love the spread with the quote “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Can you go into that a bit more?
For us that is about culture being at the heart of everything. You cannot have a successful anything unless the culture is thriving.

How can someone who is not a business owner or entrepreneur start moving the needle on making business more than just seeking a profit?
Simply make one small step to create a more purpose driven environment. Could mean thinking about who you are hiring, who you are selling to or buying from or what you stand for (beyond your business / what you are selling) and look to incorporate just one bit of that to start.

How can people learn more and find out about the Conscious Capitalism movement?
SO many resources and people, but go here to start and get involved!

Huge thanks to Kirsten for talking with us about this project! You can find her at weareingoodco.com, and more about Conscious Capitalism at consciouscapitalismla.org.