Stockpile’s Beginners Guide to the Stock Market

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  • Stockpile - Scout Books
  • Stockpile - Scout Books
  • Stockpile - Scout Books
  • Stockpile - Scout Books

Stockpile is a stock market investment platform that makes it easy to get started investing. They recently made a beautifully designed custom Mega Scout Book to help explain the stock market basics for their newer investors. We think it’s a beautiful way to help new customers get familiar with the company and the process of investing. We talked with Chris from Stockpile about what it was like to make their Scout Book.

How did you first hear about Scout Books?
We partnered with the Office design studio on a project to help us demystify the stock market for new investors and to provide people with a solid foundation for investing. When Office presented designs for our financial education content, they recommended Scout Books as a great option to help us print a rookie investor guide. Office had a wonderful experience working with Scout Books on a past project, so we decided to take their recommendation, and we couldn’t be happier with the overall experience and with how our notebooks turned out. Scout Books was very helpful in accommodating our rushed shipping schedule as well.

What was the idea behind creating a book for your Stockpile customers?
Stockpile focuses on making the investing experience simple and affordable. With Stockpile you invest just the amount you want, and it’s also easy to give stock as a gift to your friends and family. We noticed that stock gifts were being given and purchased by many people who are new to the stock market, so we wanted to provide them with some helpful information about how the stock market works, investing terminology, and how to get started. Office came up with the great idea for creating a printed notebook to help guide the rookie investors through that information, and we thought it would be a great companion gift to the stock gift cards we were selling online and in retail stores.

How do you distribute your books?
We offer our book, A Rookie’s Guide to Investing in the Stock Market, through It can be purchased on its own, or with a 4-pack, 6-pack, or 8-pack of stock gift cards. The combination of the book and packs of gift cards make wonderful gifts for parents who want to teach their children about investing, or anyone looking to build their stock portfolio.

Was there anything especially fun or unique about creating/designing a physical book?
Somehow, a physical notebook invites participation. The experience of flipping through it, taking notes, making a plan. With so much of our life and business online, sometimes putting pen to paper creates just the kind of brain space we need for fresh ideas.

Thanks to Chris and Stockpile for chatting with us! We love this resource. You can read more about Stockpile on their website and take a look at the gift set at Stockpile Gifts.