Woodlark’s Hotel Notebooks

Case Study

Woodlark is a blend of new and old, lush yet modern, sophisticated yet grounded. Woodlark inherits its motto, “The House of Welcome,” from the original Cornelius Hotel from the 1920’s, and that ethos permeates through the style of Woodlark. We loved the gorgeous books that they made with us, complete with gold foil and a beautiful botanical pattern printed on the inside cover printing, and wanted to share the story of how they’re using custom Scout Book notebooks as a part of their guests experience.

Woodlark Hotel Notebooks - Scout Books

What were your priorities in creating a takeaway notebook like this?
We needed to create something we could use prior to the hotel’s opening that would capture the vibe of the property – these are great takeaways even now that we’re open but they were particularly useful back before we had a finished product to show potential customers. They really helped us sell the dream.

Is there a story behind the iconic botanical pattern in the Woodlark branding? (Featured beautifully on the inside cover of the notebooks!)
The pattern in our Scout Books can be found throughout the hotel – as custom wallpaper in our elevators and guestrooms and on items like coasters and keycards folders. It was created just for Woodlark using plants we found in Portland’s Forest Park.

How does the Scout Book fit in with your other guest materials?
We give out our Woodlark Scout Books to sales clients, media and VIP guests. And, they love to carry them around because they’re gorgeous!

Any must-visit events or locations you’d write down for a guest coming to town?
We LOVE our co-conspirators: Smith TeamakerWoodblock Chocolate and Colibri for flowers. You can find items from them in the hotel but it’s worth visiting them, too! We also love Spartan ShopSerra CannabisVia RaizYo! PortlandNorth of WestMaak LabFrances MayIGWT and 1111 Supply.

Woodlark Hotel Notebooks - Scout Books

Project Specs

Cover Ink Color Custom Ink
Inside Cover Ink Color Custom Ink
Foil Gold
Staple Color Silver
Cover Stock Gray

Huge thanks to Kate Buska for speaking with us about the books and about Woodlark. Find out more via their website.