Case Study

XOXO is a unique conference-festival in Portland, Oregon that celebrates independent art and technology. Scout Books partnered with the organizers and a San Francisco-based design firm to create custom guide books for this year’s event. XOXO brought on the talented forces at Moniker SF to design the guides, and they really took it to the next level! Brent from Moniker opted for a white foil stamped cover, a three-color custom interior, and white staples.

The three-day event took place at Revolution Hall, a renovated high school in Southeast Portland. The location gave attendees easy access to many of Portland’s favorite eateries, bars, and breweries. XOXO’s programming included an impress line-up of speakers, explorations in the field of gaming, storytelling in the form of live podcasts, and short films.

This year, XOXO organizers introduced the use of a Slack channel, which allowed attendees and organizers to communicate throughout the event. This also sparked many meet-ups based on the various sub-channels: podcasts, beer, bikes, just to name a few.

The XOXO guides caught the attention of Cesar Contreras, host of the podcast Pencil vs. Pixel, who was attending the event. Curious about the story of the guides, he reached out and came by our shop for a tour and a chat with Scout Books founders Austin and Laura Whipple. Check out the episode here!