6400 Percent

Case Study
6400 Percent Scout Books

As soon as you land on design studio 6400 Percent’s clean, colorful and easy to navigate website, you know that you’re dealing with experience. Josh Wangrud, the creative mind behind 6400 Percent, has nearly twenty years of experience in the design industry, and an impressive skill set that ranges from branding and identity, to UX design and web development, to classic print design and execution. Especially impressive on the 6400 Percent website is the fact that they have a dedicated print category, proving their print prowess in an increasingly digital world. It’s not surprising that Josh designed such a sharp set of Scout Books!

6400 Percent designed custom notebooks and packaged them in trios to give to clients and friends. Not only are the notebooks beautifully designed, but he has kicked them up a notch with handcrafted belly bands which were designed, printed and assembled in-house. A hand embosser was used on the back of the books, and on the bands as well.