This Book by Adobe Typekit has All the Fonts

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  • Adobe Typekit - Custom Pocket Notebooks
  • Adobe Typekit - Custom Pocket Notebooks

In need of beautiful typefaces for a range of design projects? Check out Adobe Typekit. Rather than purchasing individual fonts, with this font subscription service, you sign up for a plan that best suits your needs and get access to a library of fonts to choose from – and they sync conveniently to your computer. Used by small, independent studios to larger corporations, Typekit fonts can be used to create designs for print, screen, and web. If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, you’re in luck: the Portfolio Plan is included with most subscriptions.

We were thrilled when Typekit came to us with a project earlier this year. They’d been brainstorming new giveaway ideas, and Scout Books came up. Their designer, Jake Giltsoff, posted a picture of custom Megas from the Shopify Summit to the Slack channel where they were discussing their ideas. Another colleague recalled the guides to Denver she received at the TypeCon 2015. Says Meghan Arnold, who works in Community Engagement:

Once we started chatting with the friendly and helpful reps, and poking around the website, it was easy to choose the books as one of the analog products to highlight several of the typefaces folks can explore with Typekit.

The cover design prominently features Robert Slimbach’s Acumin, and they sprinkled the interior pages with ampersands from other fonts in the library. “Of course we’d be remiss not to note the awesome green staples we were able to add to give the books a touch of Typekit flair!”

The Typekit team debuted their Scout Books at Typographics, a type-focused design festival in New York. They worked with festival organizers to have them available for pick-up as attendees received their name badges. The team also plans to bring them to TypeCon in Seattle, ATypI in Warsaw, Hamilton Wood Type’s Wayzgoose, and Adobe MAX.

Many thanks to Nicole and Meghan at Typekit!