Big Ideas Start Here

A Scout Books + Jordan Sondler Collaboration
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  • Big Ideas - Scout Books
  • Big Ideas - Scout Books
  • Big Ideas - Scout Books
  • Big Ideas - Scout Books

When we started brainstorming our annual holiday gift, we knew that we wanted to include messages of peace and optimism as we launch into a fresh year and leave 2016 behind us. Hearts, flowers, and peace signs were noted. We settled on “Big Ideas Start Here” as the guiding mantra. We then reached out to our friend and collaborator Jordan Sondler, an illustrator based in New York City. Jordan’s work has graced wallpaper, scarves, and paper goods, and her client list includes, Lenny Letter, Google, and Nickelodeon. We worked with her on a pair of notebooks in 2014 and were excited to combine forces again on a new project.

Jordan created a fantastic mix of illustrations that spoke to our intended messaging, and set them up to be used on a chalkboard screenprinted by our sister company Outpost Sign Co., and a holiday postcard, and a Mega Scout Book. The Mega was printed in black, white, and custom pink, yellow, and blue inks and stitched with pink staples. We added a USA-made white chalk pencil to the sets, and mailed them out to friends, clients, vendors, and partners.

We asked Jordan a few questions about her creative process and intentions for the new year:

What was unique or challenging about the Big Ideas Start Here project?
Sometimes it can be hard to fit many icons together in a cohesive way. It’s also important to get your idea across without being too literal. I usually draw upwards of 70 icons so that I have a lot to work with when I’m editing and piecing things together.

What are your favorite things to draw/doodle/write in a notebook?
I LOVE to make lists. It is so satisfying to cross things off—I feel a major sense of accomplishment. Grocery lists, to do lists, to buy lists, and contact lists litter the pages of most notebooks that can be found around my studio.

What are you creating for your own Scout Books, and how will you be sharing them?
Every year I like to send a gift to my clients and friends to thank them and celebrate our continued relationship. I haven’t designed my notebooks quite yet, but I’m excited to partner with Scout Books to supply everyone with notebooks for the new year!

What are your resolutions and plans for 2017?
I’d like to spend 2017 helping out the best that I can. I’m fortunate to be in a position where I can donate to my favorite organizations, but I’d like to find a way to use my illustration for good. It’s my goal to partner with some great companies this year who can help make this happen!

Thanks to Jordan for all her hard work on this project, taking the time to answer our questions, and being all-around awesome.