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Checking out Joy's beautiful wedding planning notebooks
  • Joy Wedding Planning Notebooks - Scout Books
  • Joy Wedding Planning Notebooks - Scout Books
  • Joy Wedding Planning Notebooks - Scout Books

Joy is a free wedding service that makes sharing and coordinating all the details of planning a wedding a cinch. We love their savvy design and personal touch. We are so excited they got in touch with us to make these lovely wedding planning notebooks! Cali Pitchel, brand manager of Joy, spoke with us about using these books to give as thank yous to enrich the experience of couples using Joy.

How did you first hear about Scout Books?

We heard about Scout Books from one of our contractors. He’s a senior designer who put together our brand book, and we asked his recommendation for marketing collateral once he delivered all the visual assets. He mentioned Scout Books. We checked you out, and were convinced the books would make a great gift for our couples (and potential couples)—the combination of utility and customization was exactly what we wanted.

Who designed the books?

One of our in-house designers, Katie, hand drew all of the icons for the books. She is a great artist, and she’s created some of our most beautiful website themes. She has this really great ability to capture something whimsical and romantic, as evidenced by the illustrated wedding icons. She had never done anything like the Scout Books before! It was a nice challenge for her to shift mediums, since most everything we do is digital. But (and I know we’re biased) we think they came out great.

How will the books be put to use?

We’re just starting to do some events, and we wanted swag that a bride- or groom-to-be wouldn’t just toss. The books are beautiful and useful—and that’s really how we think of Joy in general. It was a perfect match. Also, wedding planning requires a ton of organization. We thought the Scout Books would be perfect for on-the-go planning. They can go in your purse or your pocket, and they are cute! Hopefully they can remind our couples, in the midst of a pretty stressful season, that wedding planning doesn’t have to suck.

Do you think the physical medium of these wedding planning notebooks will change the way your customers interact with your brand?

Totally! Everything we do is online—we’re a SaaS company after all! We don’t do a whole lot of offline marketing, but we have a very close “virtual” relationship with our couples. In fact, we talk to many of them every single day. (Shout out to our amazing Customer Success team.) There are only so many Starbucks gift cards you can send as thank yous. We decided we wanted to have something more meaningful and useful to give to those couples who lend us their time for user research, product testing, or in the rare case, as an apology for some sort of error on our part. We feel confident that the Scout Books represent our brand: the quality, the practicality, and the design.

Do you have a favorite experience of your customers who use Joy?

We believe that community makes love stronger, so we’re building digital tools that allow people to come together around what matters most: the couple. That in itself is really special. It’d be impossible to choose a favorite experience, but I can say that the absolute best part about working for Joy is being part of such a profound life event for so many people. We get hundreds of new weddings each day all over the world—Australia, UAE, India, Canada, the UK, and all across the United States. It’s incredible.

What’s your top wedding locale?

Our biggest concentration of couples are in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle (our hometown!), and Chicago. This follows industry trends for the most part.

Thank you Cali for taking the time to speak with us, and for providing the beautifully styled photos! You can check out Joy via their website