Creating a Unique Experience with The LARK Hotel

  • Lark Field Journal - Scout Books
  • Lark Field Journal - Scout Books
  • Lark Field Journal - Scout Books


We’re excited to share the story of The LARK hotel up in Bozeman, Montana, which goes to great lengths to make staying at their hotel a one-of-a-kind experience. You can see see this desire in everything from wall installations in each room created by local artists, to their beautifully designed custom Scout Books. We spoke with Keith Comiso, general manager of The LARK, about creating Scout Books to add to the experience of their guests.

How did you first hear about Scout Books?
Through the owners of The LARK. It was a major component to their guest experience with The LARK and with Downtown Bozeman.

What was the idea behind creating a book for your guests?
The Field Journal is a way to create interaction between our Team here at The LARK and our guests, as well as our Guests with Downtown Bozeman.

Our team members are considered guides, and what better way to pass on recommendations for hikes, adventures, restaurants, bars, or whatever kind of experience the guest is looking for, than a really cool book.

Our guests even write down their notes, such as restaurant tasting notes or their days adventure journal entries, to reference them upon their return trips.

How do you distribute your books?
Each room receives a Field Journal upon check-in, hopefully already customized for them if long we know what is bringing them to town or what they are interested in doing while they are here!

Was there anything especially fun or unique about creating/designing a physical book?
It gave us an opportunity to add just one more uniquely LARK piece for our guests to enjoy. The entire LARK experience is one-of-a-kind, and these Field Journals are something unique the guests gets to take with them. Each book has fun information about Montana on the back cover, helping to make them more knowledgeable about the place they are visiting and encouraging them to explore. Honestly, the fun part is helping the guest fill in all of the blank pages and hearing how they used them. Getting stickers and stamps from Bars and Restaurants, like a passport, writing full journal entries of their Yellowstone National Park trip, kids drawing every animal they see during their travels.

Thanks so much to Keith from The LARK hotel for sharing their story. You can see The LARK online, be sure to stop by and check out their beautiful space if you’re headed to Bozeman!