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  • Lincoln Design Co. Scout Books
  • Lincoln Design Co. Scout Books
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  • Lincoln Design Co. Scout Books

With work under their belt ranging from skateboard graphics to brand identity, illustration to packaging design, the talented designers at Lincoln Design Co. aren’t afraid of a challenge. In 2015, this design studio decided to move their operation north from San Diego, CA to Portland. They set up shop just a few blocks from Scout Books HQ in Southeast Portland. Their team designed a duo of custom Scout Books as promotional pieces. They included them in snazzy packages along with custom writing utensils and a shop rag.

Lincoln’s creative director Dan Janssen answered a few of our questions:

What inspired your relocation to Portland? What do you like about being here so far?

We have been working with a couple Portland companies for the last couple years and have always enjoyed the weather and culture. When it was time to close down the San Diego studio, Portland was our first choice. Good beer, good companies, great landscape, we couldn’t be happier.

What would be a dream project for the studio?

Hmmm, honestly we have some really amazing clients right now that keep us busy with great project. But if I had to pick something off hand I would say working on a branding project for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The push is to get skateboarding in the Olympics, not that I agree with skateboarding being an Olympic Game, but if it does end up in the Olympics we want to work on that.

What kind of analog tools do you use in your work?

Pencils, Scout Books to sketch in of course, paint pens, sharpies, and a paint brush every now and then.

How are your custom Scout Books being used?

The new Scout Books turn out amazing, we are sending them out to all our clients and anyone that stops by the studio.