New Scout Books Inks

Spring 2016
  • New Scout Books Inks
  • New Scout Books Blue Ink
  • New Scout Books Blue Ink

Along with the launch of our new website, we gave our Scout Books inks a refresh. We set out to pick vibrant new inks that will make your custom projects look great. By adding a touch more white to their mixes, we made blue (formerly cyan), pink (previously magenta), purple, green, and pink slightly lighter and more opaque. Navy, black, orange, red, and white stayed the same, and we decided to retire brown ink. You can check out this handy help article to see scans of the new and previous inks and additional information.

We’d be happy to send you an updated copy of our ink guide, or a sample Scout Book using a color you’re interested in – just drop us a line at

What does this mean for your project? If you’d like a direct reprint of a previous job, using the discontinued ink colors, we’ll waive any additional fees through August 2016. After that point, the color will require a custom ink fee to be used.