Personal Connection with Pound and Grain

Case Study
  • Pound and Grain - Scout Books
  • Pound and Grain - Scout Books
  • Pound and Grain - Scout Books
  • Pound and Grain - Scout Books

Pound and Grain is a digital creative agency based in Vancouver, BC. They recently made these great Where Hustle Meets Heart notebooks with us. We love the design of the books and the philosophy of their agency, so we reached out to Graham MacInnes, a Creative Director at Pound and Grain, to get a little more background on the project.

How did you hear about Scout Books?
We loved the idea of creating some pocket notebooks to give away to our staff/clients/friends. So when we started to browse for vendors, Scout Books was one of the first that really seemed to be creating these specifically for the design and creative community. We also loved the ease of making these and the unlimited options that were available to us.

Who designed the book?
The design was created in Collaboration with our in-house design team (Graham MacInnes, Creative Director and Michelle Leggatt, Designer/Illustrator) and Mega McGrath, Who did the hand lettering for Where Hustle Meets Heart.

Was there anything challenging or unique about designing for print?
As this was our first foray into using Scout Books, we kept things pretty simple. We loved the idea of using the white ink on the red book, and were super happy with how it turned out. Knowing what else other results people have achieved we’re excited to try some more challenging design/layouts in the future.

The books have been awesome, both as keepsakes for clients/prospective clients and for friends of Pound & Grain. We keep a stack on our reception desk and they seem to get snatched up pretty quickly. They really help us make a lasting connection with people when they can walk away with something they are excited about and can actually use!

Are there any dream projects the Pound and Grain team wants to take on?
We really pride ourselves on creating digital experiences that have a soul (hence our little icon on the back of the books). That means that the end user feels some personal connection to the project and walks away with a positive experience. Our favorite and most impactful projects have always been with clients who are aligned with that ethos and are really open to being vulnerable and transparent with their users. So our dream projects and clients are ones where that magic happens.

Thanks Graham for taking the time to speak to us! You can find out more about Pound and Grain, including the origin of their interesting name, via their website.