Together: A Letter Writing Journal

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  • Together Journal Scout Books
  • Together Journal Scout Books

Who doesn’t need a notebook filled with lettering writing inspiration? We immediately loved this project, which is called Together: A Letter Writing Journal For People In Love. Husband and wife team Josh and Jenny of Hello Happiness Card Co. created the Together Journal to help people connect with their loved ones through letter writing, as their Kickstarter campaign describes it “written words of affirmation + adoration”.

The idea for the journal was born out of friend’s hunt for a wedding gift. Says Josh, “He gave me the idea of a journal of some sort that could become a keepsake in the family. Something the couple could be proud of, a visual representation of a great love story, and something to pass down from generation to generation.” A few days later, Josh holed up in a cabin drawing, writing, and dreaming up the journal. Josh wanted the journal to feel handmade, so he hand drew all the lines, lettering and graphics, then combined them in Photoshop and looped his wife in for feedback on layout and wording. They began researching printers and bookbinders. They chose to work with Scout Books, which was in alignment with Hello Happiness’ commitments of using recycled paper and being printed in the U.S.

“Scout Books had everything we could’ve asked for in a printer + so much more really. The red staples? Come on, they perfectly match the little red heart on the cover of Together. I’ve actually used some of the Scout Books at various conferences I’ve attended and always loved the quality of them.”

Josh and Jenny have been entrepreneurs for 14 years, and have shifted from a successful photography business, to blogging, to Hello Happiness Card Co., which they started almost two years ago. Hello Happiness offers a delightful line of cards, as well as monthly subscriptions – greeting cards delivered right to your door!

We asked Josh if he has an advice for other small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs: “Follow your excitement and make a gratitude practice an active part of your routine. We all have these ideas that come up from within…things that get us excited to be alive. Pursue those, at all costs. The things that excite you never lead you astray, at least they haven’t for me. That being said, the outcomes don’t always show up exactly as you want, but keep following your excitement…and one step at a time, you’ll be able to look back on a life you were proud of.”