WeWork and WeLive

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  • WeWork and WeLive Scout Books
  • WeWork and WeLive Scout Books

Sparked from an idea in 2008, WeWork has since grown into a network of coworking spaces with locations in 32 cities, including New York, Montreal, London, and right here in Portland. Originally called Greendesk, WeWork was founded by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in New York. Their initial focus was on a sustainable coworking space, and they opened their first location in Soho. They soon realized that community was crucial to the contemporary workspace, and they sold Greendesk and launched WeWork in April 2011.

Their spaces feature flexible membership options – you can rent a desk or a private office, and utilize communal conference rooms and booths for meetings. Each location has unique programming, meant to help members connect and network. Furthermore, WeWork members receive perks, such as discounts from partnering brands – like Scout Books! (We offer all members 10% off their first custom order.)

WeWork distributes their own branded Scout Books to members worldwide during move-in day, and also gifts them to people who tour their spaces. Says Stephanie Paturzo, WeWork’s Brand Marketing Manager:

Scout Books have become a huge part of the WeWork culture. You can find our members sketching thoughts and jotting down their next big idea in them—they're perfect for those spontaneous light-bulb moments!

Their design features the WeWork motto, “Do What You Love”, hand lettered by Jeremiah Britton, who was the first in-house designer and now heads the Art & Graphics team as the Art Director. They’ve created both Pocket and Mega Scout Books of the design, which features Britton’s lettering knocked out of a flood of black ink.

In 2016, WeWork launched WeLive, communal living spaces in New York and Washington D.C that challenge traditional apartment living. Similar to the the coworking spaces, WeLive is focused on community. The studio and apartment spaces have shared kitchens, laundry rooms, yoga studios, and common space. They provide a flexible housing option – you can move in for a few months, or stay just a night or two, making it a great housing solution for various schedules and lifestyles. Its mission is to create a platform for members to connect, collaborate, and innovate.

Vin Conti, a Brand Marketing Creative Lead at WeWork, designed their logo. They designed a Pocket Scout Book with WeLive’s motto “Love Your Life” printed in white ink with a custom orange, and lined pages on the inside.

Thanks to Stephanie and the WeWork team for their help with this feature!